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“Calabaza” Small gourd mate. MAT 05

“Calabaza” Small gourd mate. MAT 05


Immerse yourself in authenticity and elegance with this artisanal mate, where the pumpkin, symbol of South American culture, meets the luxury of leather and the charm of the pampa guard, evoking the beauty of the vast Argentine plains.

Each gourd mate is carefully selected and hand-carved, preserving its natural shape and unique character. Its hollowed-out interior allows for perfect mate preparation, while its exterior covered with a high-quality leather cover adds a touch of sophistication and durability.

The leather case is adorned with a pampa guard detail, inspired by the traditional motifs of the region, which adds a touch of distinction and authenticity to each mate. This detail reflects the rich history and cultural heritage of Argentina’s vast lands, carrying with it a sense of tradition and pride.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, our leather-covered gourd mate offers an incomparable tasting experience. Each sip of mate is an invitation to enjoy the warmth and comforting flavor of this infusion so loved throughout South America.

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