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“Marino” cowhide leather handbag. CART 10

“Marino” cowhide leather handbag. CART 10


Made from high-quality authentic cow hair, this bag is a work of art from nature that combines the natural beauty of cow hair with modern functionality. Each bag features a unique cow hair pattern, ensuring it is an exclusive piece that highlights your individual style.

The adjustable closure allows you to easily adapt the size of the bag to your needs, giving you versatility and comfort on every occasion. Whether you need it spacious to carry more belongings or compact for a quick outing, this bag fits you perfectly.

The spacious design of this bag gives you ample space to carry all your essential belongings organized and secure. It has several internal compartments and additional pockets to store your mobile phone, wallet, keys and other important items, keeping them easily accessible at all times.

Measures: 12 x 11 in.

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