Our Company

We are Patagonia Leather, a company with over 10 years of experience in the domestic and foreign market. We provide and distribute a wide range of selected products so you can offer to your customers.

​Our mission is to take these Argentinian handmade items to all over the world.  Our products are delivered directly to our clients through the most effective shipping couriers.

​We work alongside a team of 20 craftsmen in order to elaborate each and every one of our products. The main raw materials we work with are: leather, deer antlers, exotic wood, horns, silver, wool, etc. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of a demanding audience who appreciate both the raw material and the fine end result.  

Our main products are: men’s and women’s belts, knives, wallets, rawhide leather products, wallets, handbags, typical, Gaucho outfits, keyrings, mates, bombillas, (metal straws), etc.


Our path as a company is to reach customers not only commercially, but also achieve a warm relationship where quality prevails in all its forms.

Being a family business, we focus on service to solve your needs and improve your business by providing tools and innovation to promote your sales.

​Our commitment extends over our products, to maintain over time unique finishes, exellent quality that are only achieved with handwork, backed by the best artisans in Argentina.

​Our main values ​​as a family and company are born from honesty, kindness and transparency. Betting to increase the productivity of our employees and generate stable links with our customers and workers.


The Mission we focus on is to take the roots of Argentine Products to different parts of the world so that through them the traditions of our country are known. We believe that the best way is to travel and interact with our clients, to exchange culture and consolidate business.

​Our current clients are people dedicated to their work and, like us, they offer excellent quality of service, transcending commerce by becoming friends of the house.

​We offer you the greatest amount of tools so that you can advertise our products, in a simple, fast way and at your fingertips. That they arrive in time and form to their premises so that they can make the most of the exhibition time for sale.

​In our emphasis on taking care of them, we focus only on wholesale and guide final consumers to approach our closest customer, in order to strengthen and promote trade in their corresponding order.

​We offer authentic products, exellent  quality, handmade in different geographical points of Argentina, bringing stories of their producers to the hand of the final customer, where you can feel the delicacy and passion of the creation you acquired. Excellent value for money and service.

​We count quickly on delivery services, personalized attention of the owners and permanent stock.