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Terms And Conditions

About the Company

A purchase can only be cancelled within 2 business days after being made. In that case, the total amount will be refunded into your account.

This does not apply to personalized products which were made to fulfill specific needs and requirements of our customers, such as size, color, etc.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping periods begins once we get the payment confirmation. We are committed to ship the products within 7 to 15 business days after the purchase. This is a reasonable timeframe due to the nature of our products.

After that, the assigned mailing courier will make the handling of the products within the established time. You can track your package through a shipment tracking service.

Cancellation Period

Cuenta BANCO ESTADO disponible.


Product Return

We only accept a product return in case of a defective, damaged or incorrect item.

Specific Nature of our Products.

Since our products are artisanal, there might be slight variations on items of the same kind. However, this does not cause any major impact on the final product (color, size, finishing, look, etc.). It is possible that some products are not available seasonally.

Images on our website are tatally real.


Patagonia Leather does not become liable for the nonfulfillment or delay of the terms and conditions.