About Us

We are Patagonia Leather, a company with over a decade of experience serving both national and international markets. Specializing in carefully selected products, our mission is to showcase Argentine craftsmanship worldwide.
Collaborating with a team of 20 skilled artisans, we meticulously craft each product using materials such as leather, deer antlers, exotic wood, and silver. Our goal is to satisfy discerning customers who value both quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.
From belts and wallets to traditional Gaucho outfits and more, our product range spans various categories to meet diverse preferences.


Our vision goes beyond commercial success; we strive to build warm, quality-focused relationships with our customers. As a family-owned business, we prioritize service excellence, offering innovative tools to support the growth of your sales.
Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We maintain unique finishes and superior quality through meticulous handcrafting by Argentina's top artisans.


Our mission is to introduce Argentine traditions to global audiences. By fostering cultural exchange and business partnerships through personal interaction, our goal is to spread the essence of our products worldwide.
Our clientele consists of professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality service. We provide them with easy-to-use tools to effectively promote our products, ensuring timely delivery and optimal sales performance.
In our dedication to customer care, we focus solely on wholesale, guiding end consumers to our nearest retailers. Our authentic, high-quality products are handmade throughout Argentina, offering customers a glimpse into the passion and craftsmanship behind each creation.
We provide excellent value and service, including fast delivery, personalized attention, and ample stock availability.