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Ladies” Capybara” wallet, tri-folder design .

Ladies” Capybara” wallet, tri-folder design .

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Capybara skin, known for its softness and unique texture, is masterfully combined with the innovative triple folder design, creating an exceptional piece that will stand out on any occasion. Every detail of the capybara skin is carefully selected to ensure its beauty and quality, offering you a truly exclusive accessory.

Our triple folder capybara clutch is not only a work of art, but also a practical option to keep your essentials organized. With three well-designed compartments, you’ll have more than enough room for your cards, cash, documents and other important items, all in one stylish and compact accessory.

Whether for a special night or for everyday use, this clutch is the perfect accessory to elevate your style with a touch of luxury and originality.

Measures: 3,50 x 6,7 in.

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