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Mapuche Beret.

Mapuche Beret.

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This unique beret combines the elegance of yarn with the rich symbolism and tradition of the Mapuche guard, creating an accessory that is not only stylized, but also culturally significant. Woven with high quality yarn, this beret is light, soft and perfect for adding a touch of class to your outfit.

The classic design of the beret is enhanced by the handcrafted detail of the Mapuche guard, which features traditional symbols and motifs from the Mapuche culture of Chile and Argentina. Every detail tells a story and reflects the deep connection with nature and the community, adding special meaning to each piece.

Available in a variety of color combinations inspired by the rich palette of Mapuche culture, our beret is the perfect complement to any occasion. Whether you pair it with a casual outfit for a bohemian look or wear it with more formal clothing for a classy look, this beret adds a touch of authenticity and beauty to your style.

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