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Sheepskin ivory white long hair. CUE 04

Sheepskin ivory white long hair. CUE 04

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Description: Immerse yourself in softness and elegance with our Premium White Sheep Leather. Made from the highest quality sheepskin, this leather combines the natural beauty of fur with the versatility of genuine leather, offering an experience of luxury and sophistication with every use.


Genuine Sheepskin: Each piece of leather is made from genuine sheepskin, known for its softness, durability and unique texture.
Pure White Color: The leather has a beautiful white tone, which adds luminosity and elegance to any clothing or decoration project.
Exceptional Softness: The softness of sheep leather provides an unparalleled tactile experience, making it ideal for clothing, accessories and home items.
Durability and Resistance: Despite its softness, sheep leather is resistant and durable, ensuring optimal performance and a long useful life.
Versatility of Use: Perfect for a variety of clothing and decorating projects, including jackets, bags, upholstery and more.

Technical details:

Material: Genuine Sheepskin
Color: Natural White Sheep Fur
Size: Sold by square meters
Origin: Made with selected sheepskins from responsible sources
Recommended Uses:

Manufacture of clothing (jackets, vests, coats)
Manufacture of accessories (bags, wallets, gloves)
Upholstery and home decoration (cushions, rugs, covers)

Measures: 44 x 24 in

2 in. long hair.

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